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"Single parenting and poverty: strengthening the empowerment"

Searching for new forms of cooperation between the parents, grassroots organizations and public services in the fight against poverty

Starting point and context

In recent years, single parenthood has been extensively studied in Belgium and so single parent families are a little more present in the public debate. In June 2012, Flora organized a workshop to present the results of a research on poor single-parents of foreign origin in Brussel. It showed that support services to individuals and families are still largely based on the standard "couple with child (ren) ’and little fitted to multiple changes in family forms in a multicultural context.
The study also showed that in addition to institutional support calibrated on an individual basis, collective systems to support (single) parents are also invented. These approaches, co-constructed, are implemented locally by groups of parents, spontaneously or initiated by grassroots organizations (neighborhood centers, associations of continuing education and socio-professional integration, nurseries, drop-in centers, schools, medical centers, AMO ...). They allow parents, including single parents to react to their own issues and imagine new ways to respond. They also allow them to better understand the existing services and to make their voices heard.

Contact : Amélie Daems
+32 2 204 06 46

This project is funded by the COCOM.