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We can no longer imagine our society without science and technology. The new information and communication technologies opened up unprecedented opportunities for people to be connected with the world. But can everyone benefit this public good? Flora analyzes the digital divide with gendered glasses.

Science and technology are also ways to control and exploit the reality that surrounds us. Technological innovation is the driving force behind productivity growth and economic growth, but it also led to disastrous side effects on the environment. In addition, automation leads to job losses, and thus excludes people. However, science and technology can be integrated into another working model, a model that produces more justice and values , where men and women source of knowledge rather then being the object of knowledge.

Flora has developed a methodology of scientific research where citizens - including the poor - are approached as co experts to answers social problems. We have pictured how the innovation landscape should look like, to make possible this kind of "science of the second order."

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